Rumy Renan

Contemporary Art from Israel

Group Exhibition of Wag Israel Artists “Exposed and Hidden”

Event DetailsMarch 2, 2019, 7:00PM – March 29, 2019, 7:00PM
Event Info

The Israeli branch of the International Artists Organization WAG (World Art Games) is holding its annual event – this year in the exhibition “Exposed and Hidden”.

The event is dedicated to the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, celebrating 80 years of activity. The artists Rumy Renan (painter), Shula Ross (sculptor) and Uri Nethanel (musician and composer) are members of the artist’s network of the foundation.

Several painters and sculptors participate in the exhibition, while musicians and poets will also take part at the opening.

Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to “Snir” association, the association for equal opportunities in education and culture in Israel.

Artists for more than eighty countries are members of WAG international, an organization that aim to connect artists of all artistic disciplines in order to enable them larger recognition and professional development.

At the end of the exhibition, a party of artists representing WAG Israel will travel to Belgrad and participate in an international exhibition and musical performances, as part of a festival held there (previous festivals were held in Croatia, Montenegro and Ismir). During the last festival, the president of Wag Israel Rumy Renan received a medal for the activity of the Israeli branch, and her deputy, Shula Ross, won the gold medal for sculpture.

А new exhibition of the Israeli National Team of the World Art Games (WAG) organisation featuring Rumy's Artworks is taking place in Tel Aviv! Rumy is the President of World Art Games National Commitee Israel.


A new exhibition featuring Rumy's artwork opened on 27.12.2016 in Tel Avviv- Yafo Israel.